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Closed Rhinoplasty

Aesthetic rhinoplasty can be performed with an open or a closed technique, depending on the patient’s nose and the plastic surgeon’s preference and expertise.  In the open technique, the nasal column is cut, the nasal skin is retracted and the surgical maneuvers are done. Then the incisions are closed.  In the closed technique, all the incisions are made inside the nose and the changes are done from these incisions. 


Dr. Huseyin Guner mostly prefers the closed technique, because the internal ligaments of the nose are preserved and needless dissections are avoided. There is less bruising and edema, and the healing period is faster. The operation time is less, as there is no need to re-orient the structures that are deformed during the open rhinoplasty. Experience is of upmost importance in closed rhinoplasty; the surgeon must have mastered the inner anatomy. Dr. Guner performs open rhinoplasty if there is a traumatic deformity or if the case is secondary that demands open approach.


The same surgical technique may not be applied to every patient. Physical examination, requirements of the patient and expertise/preference of the doctor will guide for technique selection. 

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