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Rhinoplasty is the aesthetic surgery of the nose.  Nose, being located right middle of our face, significantly determines our appearance, expression and look. It must be in harmony with our eyes, lips, cheeks and the forehead. The best results in rhinoplasty are considered as natural and those that are in accordance with the rest of the face. 


In the planning of an aesthetic nose surgery, the plastic surgeon and the patient must do a consultation and decide the desired result together. The expectation of the patient is viewed by the plastic surgeon and the patient is informed what is possible and what is the best approach for the best-looking aesthetic results. 


Many celebrities have their noses done, or naturally have beautiful noses. Sometimes the patient may come with a style of such a nose of a celebrity in her/his mind. This may help the plastic surgeon to understand the patient’s expectations and style. Computer-assisted simulations will also help to see the possible alterations that will be done in surgery, such as the length and width of the nose and also the angle between the tip of the nose and the lips. 

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