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Face Slimming

Face slimming is not a surgery, but a laser-assisted technique that can easily achieve a slimmer face.

Some people have round cheeks, and this shows them fat, although they are not. In these patients laser lipolysis provides a useful solution. The procedure destroys the unwanted fat tissue. Normally the facial fat especially the cheeks are resistant to slim, but laser technology enables us to shape face to an attractive look.  


Facial Slimming is not a surgical operation. It does not require anesthesia. 1-2 mm cannulas are used to go underneath the skin to destroy fat fragments with light energy. The procedure takes 30-40 minutes. Mild edema and bruising might be seen. Recovery time is fast. Usually only one application is enough. It is a short and minimally invasive method for facial thinning. The laser energy also helps the skin to tighten and activate the fibroblasts for collagen synthesis. There is no risk of hematoma or any complication. Laser lipolysis is a fast, safe and effective technique for facial thinning. Patient can immediately return to normal life. 

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