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How does Zeltiq Coolsculpting System provide slimming?


With this technology, the fat tissue is cooled without skin harm. This cooling provides programmed fat tissue damage and causes fat cell death (apoptosis). The fat tissue is then metabolized and lost through the body. 


What happens after Zeltic application?


Mild bruising, numbness and swelling may occur that will reside in one day. There can be mild sensitivity in the applied region for a few weeks.


How many times is Zeltic applied?


Zeltiq cold lipolysis is applied for a single session.


How long does a Zeltic application take?


Every region takes 1 hour. For example if Zeltic is planned to be applied to both waist areas, it will take two hours.


When is it possible to see the result after Zeltic?

Zeltic’s effects start to be seen on the third week and lasts until the fourth month the last shape is reached.


Does Zeltic Cool Liposculpting have a side effect?

Only a mild redness, tenderness and numbness that will reside in a short time.

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